September 8, 2015

An overdue switcheroo

Hi, everyone,

I hope you had a great long weekend. Ours was happily highlighted with rain.

Looking back in my blog list there isn't one post I expected to see, so I will give you the backstory. Mr. B's birthday is in July. Last year at the Sand Dollar a gift that was perfect for him turned up, new in an unopened package. It was this:
It is a towel warmer. About a month or so ago, another one turned up at Manna, so I snagged it for myself. It was used with a few dings and scuffs but works, so should be a great addition to the bathroom this winter. 

Except, that one is freestanding and takes up a lot of room. My bathroom is so tiny it was very difficult to even avail oneself of toilet facilities with it in there. While Mr. B was home for Labor Day I had a brainstorm. Why not trade with him? They both are made by the same company and seem equally efficient, but his is the larger bathroom by far. He leaped in with his screwdriver to take it down from the original location too fast for me to take a picture of it in the men's room. Now, I've got this one:
Hanging flat on the door that is permanently blocked off it works perfectly now.

Whereas, Mr. B's larger space:
has plenty of room for the floor version to sit without being in the way of any amenities. This was a difficult shot to take without revealing just how unhygienic it normally is. Call the HazMat team immediately! 

Isn't it a relief when a logical solution to some problem or issue, large or small, does eventually surface and the results make life easier?  Has that happened to you lately?

Take it easy!

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