September 21, 2015

The Kon Mari Method

Hello, everyone,

Sometimes it's fun to do a book review. After four months on a wait list, this book was available at the library:
It is a quick read and much of her philosophy seems reasonable and a good idea. Other bits are a little odd. For example, she empties the contents of her purse every day when she comes home, then puts everything back the next day before leaving the house which is confusing to me. Other aspects seem quite sound. She recommends you clean/declutter by category, rather than room. Do all your clothes at once, books, papers, sentimental things, etc. Her instructions call for touching each item and only keeping those that "spark joy". 

Kondo prefers to fold, but not stack many items and has her own style, called the Kon Mari Method. My main dresser drawer was a mess. It seemed like an excellent test of the validity of the concept, so I dove in. What amazed me was how speedy the whole process was. Before, the space was crammed with tee shirts and shorts. Once those were redone per her directions, there was plenty of room with sufficient left over for sleepwear!  Color me stunned.
She recommends filing everything with the lightest color in front, gradually going towards darker shades at the end of a row. The way this better utilized the space was such a revelation there was no question about continuing.
Next stop, underwear. 
Room for everything, all easy to see in a glance. If undies were a snap, what about socks?
Socks and tights, done!

Today after waking ridiculously early, while the coffee pot was brewing seemed like a great time to tackle dishtowels. 
No more towel trauma drama at our house. Moving to the dining room, napkins, look out!

While I haven't put into practice all her principles, just this one major shift has had a positive effect on everyday life and routines. If you've somehow missed reading the book, you may want to check it out for some really excellent ways to up your quality of life. 

Now, off to work at Manna. Have a wonderful day.


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Valerie said...

I don't like clutter but I am an organised person and although there is a lot of stuff in my 'office' it looks tidy. Everything has it's own place until I feel like a change.