September 24, 2015

The Power of Color

Hello, everyone, how's life going so far today?

Today after Bible study I stopped at Value Village where I found:
This beat up old basket looked useful and the price of $2.92 was great, but the real reason to buy it was the color. After all the light, beachy months of cool summer shades my heart was more than ready to return to my first love, red.  So I put together a little vignette by the front door. 
A vintage thermos bottle to carry a drink, a throw to put on the ground to sit on and a camera to capture the beauties of nature--what else does an Autumn outing need?
See the old A & P wooden box marked Houston it's sitting on? I wonder what was originally shipped in that.
In this House of Doors it's necessary to shut the one on the left so the closet and bathroom don't feature prominently as background--NOT a good effect!
One last view. Red, we're so glad to welcome you back after the hiatus of the hot months!

Take it easy,

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