September 17, 2015

Entry In Between

Hello, friends,

Today I fiddled with the wall by the front door. The goal was to say bye to summer but not yet hello to fall. Here is what eventually evolved:
No more summer bag, sunglasses and straw hat. Now there is a dark scarf, cat leash, umbrella and tiny wreath of glittered bittersweet. A framed picture of a pear, string of ball fringe and old sewing bag add to the display.
There's the left side.
And the other. Doing the transition between seasons without fully jumping into Autumn is tricky and proving harder than you might expect. Still, it's worth the effort to celebrate having survived another Texas summer. Yes, there will still be hot weather, but it doesn't stretch out to infinity anymore. Do I hear a hallelujah?

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


1 comment:

Rue said...

Hallelujah! ;)

I love that sewing bag, Michele!