September 30, 2015

Nature. It isn't always natural or easy

Hello, friends,

How has your last day of September gone? Mine has been fairly productive with some chores done and errands run. When finished with some of the must dos, my thought turned to a little light decorating. After filling the bird feeder and bath yesterday I found a bunch of seed pods from the magnolia tree on the side of the house next to the street  and thought they would be a nice touch of nature inside. At first I tried them in a small footed glass dish:
along with some acorns. The cats wanted to investigate. Trixie, the Snoopervisor showed up first.
She left, under protest.
Even under the little greenhouse she and Flossie are fascinated.

Maybe the greenhouse idea needs to be scrapped, but they still can't be loose in a bowl. You know how long that would last. 
What about this cloche today, courtesy of Family Thrift for $1.91?
That makes the contents easier to see. Yep, this works for me. A touch of nature that won't go AWOL with sneaky cats.

Have a good one!


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