September 3, 2015

Thursday's Tiny Thrift Score

Hello, all,

Today there was just a few minutes to dash into Sand Dollar before going to Bible study, because I was meeting a friend afterward for lunch. I just got a couple of small items. Here is one of those:
Isn't that cute? It's like a mini-greenhouse and was priced with the typical odd price of $5.10. From my craft closet I got this out:
It went onto a tray, and made this:
Here it is on the coffee table:
I am pleased with how this turned out. It has potential to be used for a variety of uses and especially for holidays. It's a fun find.

May your Thursday go well.



Pollyanna said...

Nice little find. I love those little green houses, so many fun things to do with them.

Rue said...

That's really cute Michele! It makes me want to get out my little greenhouse that's in my pantry :)

By the way, I wish I could shop your kitchen. You have so many cute things!

Have a great weekend and I hope it gets cool there soon :)