September 10, 2015

The thin end of the wedge.

Hello, all, my day has been busy, as most Thursdays are now that grocery shopping is tacked on after Bible study is over. Luckily there was time to take pictures yesterday for this post. My apologies for the lighting. It's been very overcast and raining for several days in a row.

In 2014 I resolved to not put out fall decorating early, after getting extremely tired of it by the time December arrived and it could be switched to holiday glitter and glitz. This was the plan until there was unplanned detourafter the tray experience earlier in the week, while working in the living room closet. It dawned on me that the dining room table looked dull in the extreme. I like to replicate shapes, therefore the round large glass cloche wasn't working for me. At the same time the long rectangular basket had been emptied and was available, so . .  maybe just a little fall stuff would be okay?
A plain white runner and some of my seed pod balls, real and artificial acorns, a pumpkin and the star of it all, the rustic wire squirrel. He looks as if he can't believe his luck with the giant acorn, doesn't he?

I like the long, narrow basket's contrast with the long white runner. 
Have you started fall decorating yet, or is that still a little in the future at your house?

And that's my effort towards charm for Thursday. 

Take it easy!


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