January 3, 2014

First '14 Thrift Scores

Hello, Friends, 

Are you busy TG ing the day of the week, glad of a weekend ahead even after all the recent holidays? I suspect you aren't alone. This is a good time of the year to visit thrift shops, at least here, because people seem to be in a frenzy of clearing out at the first of the year. Here are some of my recent finds.

A nice vintage Christmas tablecloth, two Villeroy and Boche place mats with a border of holly leaves and berries. Two winter themed plates with cheery cardinals and a red mercury glass candle holder. A pink and brown new ornament with a C on it headed to my granddaughter, and red and blue plaid sheet and pillow cases in cozy flannel that will pair with a solid red fitted sheet. These are nice, but not remarkable. Then we come to this:
This score came from Goodwill. It is new, with tags still attached made by Jan Constantine. A search on the internet showed one smaller than this, 10"x 14" versus mine which is 18" x  13". The one online was $67. The one in the picture was $2.99. Score!

Almost as big a favorite comes an item with a back story. Years ago, maybe 10 or more a friend and I were shopping for books. We stopped at one thrift where the books weren't much, but I did pick up this:
Ever since it's been a trusty companion for overnight trips with never a problem. The zipper works, handles are sturdy and it holds a lot. Imagine how delighted I was then, to find its first cousin:
a backpack purse in the same pattern! None of these things cost more than $5 and many were considerably less, like the Mercury glass candle holder that was .30 cents. It seems the thrifting year is off to an auspicious start. May your finds be just as thrilling in 2014!

Take it easy, 

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PixieVintage said...

You got some great treasures! The purse is really pretty. I keep hoping that I will find a vintage Christmas tablecloth, but so far no luck. I will keep on looking until I find it :) Happy New Year!