May 27, 2015

A little seasonal update

Hi, folks,

Our day started off with more rain, but now the sun is out, a wonderful relief. We were fortunate to not have any damage but the inconvenience of dealing with going places in the rain, but many others weren't so fortunate. One woman had to change her regular Wednesday shift at Manna, so I filled in for her this morning, which led to this small switch. 
This is the shower curtain used in my bathroom  since we moved last year. For the measly sum of $1.00 at Manna it was replaced by this:

And for .99 cents, less the 30% senior discount, Goodwill offered up this little cutie to sit on the shelf in there:
Does he coordinate perfectly or what? He looks great next to the perfume bottles on the little ledge Mr. B hung in there. That's my effort for Wednesday. Now I need to go figure out what to cook with the meat thawed out for dinner. Have a good evening.

1 comment:

Rue said...

Cute shower curtain and birdie!

I'm glad every turned out okay after the storm :)