May 13, 2015

Target Time

Hello, all,

I hope your week is going well so far. It is very dark and ominous here right now, but so far none of the predicted rain has showed up. That being the case, it seemed like a fine idea to take a Mother's Day gift card and head to Target. As usual, it was fun to browse. They have a new line called Hand Made Modern with some intriguing assortments of supplies: 

but I managed to resist temptation there. I did stop in another department, though, and here is the result. 

Our front entrance before:
This mat was dirt cheap at Sand Dollar and mainly purchased to replace the one that was way too thick we already had. It got moved to the side door, and while this replacement worked,  by no stretch of anyone's imagination was it ever even faintly attractive. However, it is a relief to announce the entrance is ugly no more. 
Target came through with the perfect solution for our plant and flower-filled front area. Ultimate ugly was demoted to the door from the living room to the back yard. A much more cheerful welcome, don't you think? 
Take it easy!



cynthia lee designs said...

Love the new rug cute!!

Rue said...

Very cute, Michele! :)