May 12, 2015

A modest Upgrade

Hi, Friends,

The intention was to write yesterday, but Mr. B's arrival an hour early threw off my plans. I've been trying to cut back on stuff brought into the house, lately, at least things to keep, while still getting books, magazines and puzzles at thrift shops on a regular basis. They can be recycled back to resale or to some of my adult kids who are big readers, too, so don't stay around long. 

There has been a cheap candlestick lamp at various sites in our homes for at least twenty years, if not more. It's been spray painted and enjoyed a variety of shades but let's face it: sometimes you just get tired of a piece of furniture or accessory. Thus, it wasn't planned but entirely a surprise when a new, very different lamp leapt into my cart last Wednesday at Goodwill. Despite a terrible shade, in size hugely out of proportion, it seemed like a great addition to our living room. Here is the unfortunate shade it came with:
It's perfectly nice and in good condition, but no, it wasn't going to work. Although we have approximately a thousand extra shades in the house none of them did, either. Good thing Monday was my day to work at Manna, where a perfect one was discovered, a much better size for the height of the lamp.Plus, it cost .50!
The base is oval, woven wicker like a basket. It's a nice size and looks a thousand times better than with the original shade. This one is square, heavy paper with a dark border round the rim. 
These aren't good pictures, but you get the idea. Sometimes small changes can give you a big lift. 

Have a good Wednesday!


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Ana said...

Hi Michele,
I just love, love, love thrift stores. You never know what treasures await you, right? Great find. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and for the super sweet comment. Wishing you a wonderful day.