May 7, 2015

Not another mystery, but . . .

Here's another item found at the Goodwill on 34th St. It's not a mystery, like the wooden bleachers for index cards, since its function is obvious. Whether it has a specific name, though, I'm not sure. It was $2.99 less the 30% discount.
It's white painted, shabby chic wood for the frame, with canvas pockets across the face.
The round piece of metal on the center top was scratched, so one of these from the same expedition was used to gussy it up a bit and hide the slight damage.
Here it is in use! Not sure it will stay where it is in the dining room for good, but at the present it's fine on the wall by the door into the hall. 

That's all that got done here today. See you tomorrow.


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