May 15, 2015

Time Travel Thrift

Hello, Friends,

Do you want to take a trip back in time with me? Sixty-two years, exactly, to June, 1953? Yesterday after Bible study I browsed in the Sand Dollar. There I found this:
This magazine was published from 1928 till 1977, at which time it merged with Redbook. 

One of the main articles in this issue was a tour of the Darby home. My, how tastes have changed!
Dickens figurines and very structural flower arrangements were all the rage, apparently. 
Rather than the open format so in demand now, this room features a rolling wall to close off the working end of the kitchen.
Language was different, too. Check out these advertisements:
Gay flooring and printed linens were all the rage.
Television in private homes must have been new enough that information on its care was considered a useful article to include. 
This picture of an ideal outdoor entertaining area seems a little more like current taste. 
And how cute is this portable refrigerator?
The food pages were more than a little scary. Check out "Take a can of corned beef.
The authors of this piece were incredibly proud they took their kids on vacation.
The ads were fascinating. That little number came in violet, pink, powder and navy.
Dishwasher were a very big deal.
For nostalgic lovers of the Beany Malone series by Lenora Mattingly Weber there were multiple ideas for how to use bandanas, including a dust ruffle, place mats, napkins and  "a window gay as a hoe-down".
This is a little confusing. It's an advertisement for an electric organ.
Check out the dishwasher that opens from the counter top. 

This was an interesting story about the young authors, Benedict and Nancy Freedman, who wrote the book Mrs. Mike. They married when Nancy was 22 after being told she had less than three months to live because of a heart condition. They became writers, moved to California and were able to have a child, much to the amazement of her physicians. 
I hope you enjoyed this look at life in 1952 when knotty pine was the granite of that era, freezers were an exciting new feature, highly coveted by home owners and if you were mad for plaid, there was a large tote available, suitable to take to the A & P or your towel to the beach for $2.75. 
Have a wonderful weekend!





bjn said...

I loved this! Brings back memories. I started first grade in 1952.

Tricia said...

Wow! Love all the examples you included! (And I wasn't even born yet when this was published!)

Rue said...

Loved this! It's a little after my favorite era, but so much of what I love in my own home. I wish I could buy that dress today :)

What a great find!