May 28, 2015

Cool, creamy bliss!

Hi, Friends,

Mr. B and I are having a lot of fun with the new gadget we got last week. The back story is my favorite dessert is ice cream, and soft ice cream is the best of all. You can probably imagine my feelings of disbelief when this was advertised in the Target newspaper ad last week:
We rushed over and bought it before reading the reviews, which admittedly weren't great. However, after our first couple of experiences my conclusions were different. We did have problems, but both times were due to (ahem!) operator error. The first time I didn't understand the directions and poured the mixture in the wrong place. The next night brought another issue. You make the mix for the ice cream and chill it beforehand:
After slopping a good bit of it out in the freezer, I switched from a bowl to:
this container with a lid; problem solved. This container must be left in the freezer 8 - 12 hours before use:
You can't skimp on that step. Once it's ready you put it into the machine:
Attach the lid and snap the motor in place on top. Turn on the switch and pour your ice cream mixture into the opening on top. It runs for 20 - 40 minutes to freeze. Again, if you try to make the time shorter, it won't work. But if you can be patient for around 25 minutes, you will be rewarded with this:
So far we've tried vanilla and coffee, but I bought peaches at the grocery store today, so who knows what's in store for the weekend? There is an opening at the top where mix-ins can be added, too.
In summary, so far we're pleased with this gadget. It's not perfect. The latch that lets the motor release doesn't work well, and Mr. B has had a problem with the dispenser. The various parts do have to be handwashed, not put in the dishwasher. On the plus side, if the directions are followed, it should be possible to first customize recipes to suit your preferences and enjoy cold, sweet treats at home, and that's a great way to start the summer!

Stay sweet!



Connie said...

Good Morning Michele, I am sitting here having my morning coffee before getting dressed for church and checking my blog comments . . . there you were a new face. . . which brought me here. Your soft ice cream machine sounds great. My hubby would love that! I am so impressed with your new shower curtain and that adorable little bird. I love them both and what a deal . . . you are my kind of shopper:) You may have noticed that I am your newest follower. I do hope that you will return the favor and follow me back. I love making new blogging friends and sharing ideas.
Here's wishing you a wonderful week.
Connie :)

Tricia said...

Glad the new ice cream maker is working out so nicely! We need to get with the program and chill our container so we can make some, too. Just bought some Texas peaches yesterday (well, my Personal Shopper did), so that kind would be yummy!