May 5, 2015

What is it?

Hi, folks,

Today perhaps someone can help me solve a mystery. Do you ever buy an item as much from curiosity as real need? I bought the following piece at Goodwill recently. It was $2.99 less the daily discount, so not expensive. It intrigued me because so far its use remains unknown.
It's solid, slightly curved and made of some light wood. Each of those risers has a slot in it. Here's the back:
There are several holes and larger long openings. It is made by Levenger. Since the final cost of it was well under $3.00, it didn't seem too extravagant to buy it first, then figure out a use. Here's one:
It holds pictures quite well, and would also do for business cards. 
In the center you'll see me and Mr. B getting married in January, 1981. To the left is our youngest around 1984, thrilled to be Nurse Naomi after my thrift shop find of  a uniform complete with cape. 
This idea would work well if you wanted to show off a bunch of photos of one person at a party or shower in their honor, as well as serve as a rotating random display. If you know what this actually is and its name, let me know, please!
Take it easy!


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Tricia said...

Love how you've used it to display favorite photos! Maybe it's the predecessor to this? If so, what a deal you got!