July 24, 2014

A quick peek

Hello, all,

How has your Thursday gone so far? Aside from being behind on the last chores, mine is going fine.

Today I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the living room in our new place. It is huge and still needs more furniture and a rug, so you'll have to wait for the big reveal. For now, here is the antique washstand that belonged to my mother:
The cat shrine has been incorporated onto it now. In another corner, :
a chair, revolving bookcase end table and way too many wires behind it. Notice the universal ugly tiles. Finding a rug is an urgent priority. There was one seen in the Salvation Army store right before I got the keys to this place. Sadly, although it was huge and appealing, with all the other expenses of moving I didn't have $1000 to plunk down for it, much as I wanted to. Surely something that fits will turn up eventually with a less hefty price tag, I keep telling myself. 

That's all for Thursday, or as my friend Susie referred to this day of the week "Friday Eve". Have a good one.


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