July 28, 2014

Another box empty

Hello, friends,

How are you this last Monday in July? My project today, above and beyond the routine of meals, shopping, bed making and the like was to get some things hung. It is yet to be determined where my cross wall will go, depending upon furniture not so far bought and its placement, but it seemed high time there was more on the walls. I actually put up several others, but those pictures were too bad to use; here are a few examples:
This metal piece is again in the living room, this time atop a bookcase, near the door to the back yard.
These vintage postcards of scenes from the early twentieth century are in my bathroom.
These are on the short section of wall adjacent to my closet.
This one is actually inside my closet, next to the window.

It's a small start, but better than none at all. It's nice to break up the vast expanses of badly painted walls with a little color and cheer.

Have a relaxing evening,


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