July 22, 2014

Shelf Esteem

Hello, all,

Today is hot and humid, a good day to stay inside and think about decorating. Since moving a few shelves have gotten put up, not including the infamous one to set the microwave on hung on Sunday. Let us draw a veil over that shared marital project, permanently. A few others weren't such an ordeal, though:
This one is in the dining room. An odd thing about these pictures is the walls look much lighter than they really are, a kind of medium tan or sand.
There are my salt-and-pepper shakers in the kitchen.
Also in the kitchen, the plate rack with the old rolling pins and other utensils on it.

This one is in the library. Because of the time suck of moving from mid-May till now (from the standpoint of unpacking, at least) this year summer got sunflowers for decor and not a lot of those. 

I like decorative shelves and trays both. Do you use many of either in your home?


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Looks like you've "cornered" the market on those cute corner shelving pieces! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) You've been having fun decorating them, I can tell! I especially love the vintage kitchen implements as you've displayed them.