July 25, 2014

One small find

Hello, all,

Are you busy TGing because it's Friday? I know Mr. B is. Today, after the crucial errand of getting cat kibble, I went  a couple of blocks farther down the freeway service road to the nearest Goodwill. It has always been fairly lame and there is nothing new to report on that situation, alas. I only got a couple of small things. Yes, I should be working on the house but GW didn't have any furniture we need, but who's going to leave without checking out the other wares, right? Previous shopping trips elsewhere produced these:
Two little metal bikes. They can probably be seen in place here:
One is on the top shelf on the left, the other the second shelf on the right, a nice pair, but.  .  .
and then there were three! Which officially moves these interesting iron pieces to the status of a collection. Have you ever done that? Pick up one thing that appeals to you, then stumble upon a few (or a lot) more similar objects? 

Let's raise a toast to serendipity!

Happy yard sales this weekend,

1 comment:

Kim said...

It's amazing how that happens, isn't it? I am like that with roosters, I guess. I was never a fan, but found an old rooster lamp, fell in love and then kept picking up rooster and hen pieces wherever I went.