July 30, 2014

One step forward. . .

two steps back. Hello, all. Here is an example of my efforts in unpacking and making this a home. Let's draw a veil over the black and white word plate Mr. B smashed last night or the broken door shelf in the fridge for the moment, but I  give you exhibit A:
a half dozen empty boxes to get rid of; Flossie disapproves of that plan, see her investigating? Progress!
Until you wander by my closet and see what the furry miscreants have done in there. It wasn't perfect, by any means, but it was neat. Everything was folded or hung. Shoes are in a basket, there is a rack for hats, winter things are on one side, warm weather clothes on the other.  That's Junior and Butterball, brother and sister who pulled down a stack of coverlets, knocked hats off and a whole lot more foolishness that they sure aren't going to clean up. So, a little gets done, a little more has to be re-done. It was ever thus in a house with furry fiends. 

Take it easy,

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Linda said...

Such little scamps!