July 14, 2014

First Glimpse

Hello, all,

As announced in the previous post, we recently moved to a new house. There is still tons to be done, but here are a few pictures of spaces that are starting to be organized and decorated, if a bit feebly:
These pictures aren't great because they're from my cell phone, sorry. Anyway, in the dining room there is a long alcove along one side. This is where I'm set up with laptop, books and all to work. 
One of the bookcases, this on the left side of my table. 

This is the one on the right side. Both of them have collections of a sort on the tops. 
Here is the desk in the room entered from the front door that is going to be the  library.
Here is a new freestanding pantry we got to replace the smaller one we used to have. It is larger and holds more with a drawer as well. On top is the collection of black and white word dishes. 

As you see, the floor is large ceramic tiles. Not very attractive, but practical. We are going to get rugs for the other rooms; so far, the bedroom is the only one that has one in place. 

I got sidetracked on a pesky search for a missing key this morning that took so long not much has been done so far. 

Till tomorrow,

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