July 23, 2014

Another bit of the kitchen

Hello, Friends,

Today I thought you might like to see the window in the kitchen. Alas, instead of standing at the sink able to look out on a tree filled with bird feeders, this one isn't located for that type of pleasant daydreaming. It looks out onto a busy street's intersection, so the only view is of impatient drivers too often slamming on the brakes when the light turns red. As you see, with this vista there is no incentive to open the blinds, only to see plumes of exhaust from an unending stream of cars. 

That isn't the only issue in this room.  The sink setup is different from the previous house as well, which led to this arrangement:
The faucet is too tall for the little shelf to work with, so it seemed just as well to use the windowsill to display the collectibles and other things that were by the sink before. The pyrex and other odds and ends fit well enough and bring a little color to the room as well. 

That's all for today, which was broken up by some literal cat-astrohpes, a major mess caused by Bitty, currently bearing the title of Least Favored Feline at our house. There is still more to do before Mr. B gets home, so I'll say

Bye for now,

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