July 17, 2014

Unintended Detour

Sorry, folks,

The intent was to write every day this week. A newly erupting wisdom tooth took Tuesday and Wednesday out of that plan, but now it's gone and I'm happy to say bye to such an unwelcome, painful visitor. 

Meanwhile, I have been trying to work in the library, as much as possible. Keep in mind it still lacks essential furniture and a rug.
These large Ikea shelves were in the dining room at the other house.
At the end, for now at least, is this old primitive chair with a picture over it.
A slightly better view of the picture.
I hung a picture over the desk of a child and her mother with a book.
The peg rack by the front door. That spot on the right must be a cat toy that was overlooked. The door seen on the left goes into our bedroom and bath. 

More soon on our new life in a new space.

Take it easy,

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Tricia said...

The library is looking good! The shelves look great -- nicely arranged and decorated!