October 9, 2015

Friday already.

Hello, all,

I stayed in today and cleaned but will spare you the details, since it was the dullest dirt removal/stuff shifting possible to imagine. The only five minute deviation from cat fur removal and investigation of mysterious sticky patches in unlikely places came when briefly working in my closet. I apologize for the pictures in advance. They are too dark, but since the flash works and every light nearby was on, what to do to fix it remained a question mark to me.
This is an old, handmade child's slip found in a thrift shop some time ago. It feels like a fine wool, slightly scratchy and has one neatly mended tear near the neck. It is hung on a small vintage wooden hanger.

I picked up this little beaded locker chandelier at Sand Dollar a while back, then promptly broke off one of its arms trying to bend it back into place. In real life the beads are brightly colored and it's still cute. In this picture, not so much. Sorry. 

May your weekend be filled with fun or industry, whichever makes you happiest!


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