October 20, 2015

Transformation in progress

Hello, everyone,

Checking in with my daily cart report. Remember the idea about a tray? By shopping the house the idea came to me how to get the best of two concepts. If the piece isn't redone Mr. B will be happy. If it's lightened up somehow, that will please me. So:
Its sad beginning.
In its new home in the dining room next to the hall door. See the white painted tray on top? It brightens the cart up and covers  two spots that didn't disappear completely after an application of Howard Wood Restorer. I haven't figured out what to put on top yet. The immediate goal was to have a variety of textures-the basket on the floor, silverware chest above, vintage tin picnic container on it, with the tray on top. 
The tray is the kind with folding legs to use when eating in bed. It has a piece of vintage crochet work on top for yet another level of texture. 
The tray cloth has an appealing pattern, don't you think, simple but still pretty?

That's my effort report for today. Now it's time to go do some early dinner prep for poor Mr. B who came home to no meal last night, due to operator error on my part. I thought his class had one more week to go but it ended October 12. Oops!

Have a good one,


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Tricia said...

I like the way you've "dressed" the new piece! And it looks perfect for that spot.