October 23, 2015


Hello, all,

Color me disgruntled. With reports of heavy rain elsewhere, has there been a drop here so far today? No, no, there has not. So much for being careful and hanging out at home to avoid flooded streets. There was a quick dash to the post office to mail a book and my ballot by mail, but otherwise, I've stayed put. Here is the main thing accomplished so far:
The left side bookcase by my laptop station is sorted out, a good deal culled and tidied up immensely from how it was a couple of hours ago. There's still plenty more to do in this room, but at least it feels as though a start has been made and the situation not totally hopeless. Lame, but better than nothing at all. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Sorry about no rain, but the bookcase looks wonderful -- super tidy!