October 21, 2015

Harder than you'd think.

Hello, friends,

This seemingly small project used up an inordinate amount of time and energy, so please, cut me some slack. After rehanging the easel with the large tin tray on it over the cart in the dining room corner, that left the small wall board homeless. It seemed it would be useful near my desk, so I found a hammer and nails and gave it a try. And failed, with both nails popping out of my hand and falling into another dimension. See, when you try to do anything with a piece made of cheap, fake pressed faux wood trouble is almost certainly guaranteed. After getting more nails a mere three times, it was finally done. It didn't help that because of the wall lamp position it was almost impossible to hit the one on that side. Nevertheless, here is the result.
Amazing to me, the board wasn't wider than the bookcase.
A wider view.
It was necessary to rearrange the contents to conceal a birthday card for a friend whose odometer is going to roll over soon. That's my project du jour. There has also been grocery shopping and cleaning and now I'm ready to collapse on the sofa until Mr. B comes home, wanting to eat.

Take it easy!

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