October 19, 2015

Score Before: Take Two

Hello, all,

After an unusually busy weekend (for us, not for most people) and working at the thrift shop half a day, it was only a little while ago there was sufficient time to tackle that ratty old piece of furniture picked up last week. Remember the Ugly Duckling?
 I got out this and went to work on it:
The first I knew of this product was hearing it recommended during a home staging show on HGTV. 

Here are the results. It's not perfect, but much better than before.
Most of the surface is greatly improved after one application.
The top is the area with remaining visible damage. The sides and legs and lower shelf look pretty good.
It could be painted, but Mr. B isn't a fan of painted furniture. On the other hand if a person happens to like trays and has a big stash of them anyway, wouldn't the ideal lazy way to deal with condition issues be to put a tray on top and stage it that way? We all like layers, right? Switching materials and textures add interest, so . . . stay tuned. 

Take it easy,


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