October 8, 2015

It's not pretty

Our dining room, that is. Sadly, there is no one else in the world who can be blamed for the hot mess that is this space, aside from a little spillage and such by Mr. B's wine bar. No, all the rest of it is mine. Today it seemed imperative to at least make a dent in the detritus. This is just one end of the room:
See what I mean? Four + hours later, there is slight progress. 
The desk is cleaned off, the bulletin board hung instead of left leaning, another nail was added to keep the lamp straight and a picture hung. 
This rolling plastic crate picked up at Sand Dollar recently now holds the things that will go on ebay in the coming week as descriptions of each item is written. I have also done some work on the bookcase to the right of the desk, but none to the one on the left. The table has been cleared and the vacuum cleaner been deployed. It is marginally more sanitary. Not clean enough to have guests come over and eat a meal, but I'll keep chipping away till that's an option. That was my Thursday afternoon. I hope yours was more fun.


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