October 16, 2015

Score Before

Hello, folks,

I am writing tired today after doing a second unplanned stint at Manna today, so this will be short and probably not sweet. Thursday I dashed into Sand Dollar before Bible study to leave a bag of discards. Near the entrance was a seriously ugly duckling, but hey, the price was right so it was somehow wiggled into my car before heading to St. Andrew's. Here it is:
It's a two-level wooden bar cart, on castors. It's in bad shape:
but the price was right. I don't know if you can read $6.50 as is in red grease pencil on the top, but it's there.
What do you think? It's beat up now, but it has simple lines that should be usable almost anywhere, two surfaces, with wheels to move it around. Because of this last minute gig at the thrift store today there was no time to start work on the formidable task of refurbishing it, so check back next week and see how this turns out. And, oh, yeah, wish me luck! 

Have a wonderful weekend.


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