October 14, 2015

Greatest Hits of 2014

Hello, all,

I've been running behind after a long check up trip to the eye doctor that spilled over to the afternoon. Nothing wrong, just a lot of waiting involved. This post is a recap from this time last year, when my best find by far was this:
It was $78 at the Junior Forum and a perfect fit for the dining room. You see the furry investigators checking it out above.
With the table and chairs in place. 

A little close up of some of the detail around the border. Isn't it nice when you find something that stands the test of time? When there's no reason to second guess your decision "It looked like it would work perfectly in ____, but now it's in place it is too big/small/wrong shape." This rug seemed great in the store and has indeed  proved to be great in the past twelve months of use. Three cheers for things working out well at least some of the time!


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