September 26, 2014

Colonel Mustard in the library. . .

Hello, all, and TGIF to you.

We are still having lovely weather, incredibly welcome after the usual Texas heat.

Today I'm going to show you the first piece of furniture we've boughtfor the room  one enters by the front door at this house, which is destined to be a library. 

It is a chair with leather upholstery and nail head trim found at the Sand Dollar yesterday. The wood frame is in good condition, a quick wipe with some Old English polish spiffed it up well. There is a little damage on the seat back, but since we already own dozens of throws and quilts, disguising that is not a problem. The footstool we already had. It's going to be recovered, what is on it now is only a temporary effort with a remnant that proved to be too small. As you see, Junior is giving it a test snooze.
Hmm. He doesn't seem to have any interest in sharing.
Sister Butterball, waiting for a turn.
Victory! She routed him at long last.
Now her daughter, Freckles is on the stool, hoping to outlast her mother. It hasn't been empty for a minute since I wrestled it through the front door. At one point last night there were two cats on the seat and two on the ottoman. It looks like it is a rousing success, especially at the price of $15.00. The only thing is, will a human ever get a chance to sit in it? The jury is still out on that!

Have a wonderful weekend!




Tricia said...

Love your post's title! Great chair, and clearly already a choice napping spot!

Linda said...

Chair is excellent. Cat approval confirms it.