September 8, 2014

Last one, I promise

Hello, friends,

How is your Monday so far? Good, I hope. 

This is the rest of my autumn decorating, I promise. 
On top of a bookcase by the back door.
In the living room on the washstand.
A corner shelf in the dining room.
In the hallway between library and living room.
On the buffet in the dining room.
Under a cloche on the table.

There you have it for autumn at our house. Now, if the weather would only get with the program and act like fall! What is your take on the change of seasons? Do you mourn summer or eagerly embrace this last third of the year? 

Have a great week!

1 comment:

Tricia said...

All your decorating looks great, Michele! I especially like that first vignette, in front of the metal wall hanging. Loads of eye-appeal!