September 2, 2014

September. Really?

Hi, all,

I hope you had a good Labor Day. How did fall sneak up on us? I know, it's not technically autumn yet, but to me, September is it. We're in the final third of 2014. I like the season and have a lot of decorations, so am going to move slowly and do it a little at a time. I started off with the doors. Entrances and exits are symbolic and important on many levels. Here are two of ours now:
The front door wreath needs a little tweaking. I'll get to it sometime this week.
This is the side door that opens into the utility room. I wish there was some glass in the front, like the past two places we lived, but there isn't. This is a bunch of red and orange berries, simple but seasonal. Guess it's time to go take the pinwheels out of the pots in front now. 

Have you started thinking or actually making strides at changing your decor for the season yet? 

Take it easy,

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