September 4, 2014



I feel like an announcer at the World Cup hollering "SCORE!" because that's what I did today. In between two commitments, one ending at 11 o'clock and the second not until 2:05 (yeah, weird, I know) there was a big block of time to fill, which was spent at Sand Dollar, then Family Thrift. There was nothing remarkable discovered at the latter, but I did a double-take when I came upon one item in Sand Dollar. In our huge living room there is a big, empty corner. Well, empty except for wires for the tv that couldn't be uglier. It seemed to me a folding screen would be ideal, both for hiding the technical stuff and adding a bit of height and interest to the space. I saw a new screen at a store the other day but it was covered with black and white images of the Buddha which really wouldn't mesh with our decor. Then this morning, this turned up:
It has some damaged areas, but those can probably be repaired or disguised. Oh, and did I mention the price? $14.00, so pretty darn cheap.
Here is a closeup of the detail in the panels. I love the texture and the nail head trim all around each section. Nothing on it is green, that is just some camera error on my part that screwed up the light so it did that.
I think it works well in the corner.
What do you think?

Have a good evening,


Linda said...

The new screen is wonderful! The scroll work and nail heads make the screen so distinctive. Great find! Great bargain, too!

Michele said...

Thanks, Linda!