September 29, 2014

New week, old room

Hi, Friends,

The effort around here is still concentrated in the library for now. It was nice to get the chair last week. That spurred me to urge Mr. B to go in search of a rug on Saturday. We found one for a decent price and brought it home. 
There are so many straight lines in that room it seemed like a round rug would be a good idea.
Here is a closer look at the center.
And here is one of the border around the edge.
I experimented with using pillows on the back of the chair instead of a quilt.
Not hung yet, but destined to be on the wall eventually, this is a sheet of wrapping paper framed several years ago.

As you may have guessed by the frog and other toys on the rug, that has been a purchase the cats find every bit as popular as the chair. The only reason there were none in the photo is because the vacuum had been recently engaged, which scattered them to the far corners of the other rooms. It is fun so far putting this room together, so stay tuned for more still to come!

Have a good one,


Tricia said...

Wow, Michele, that rug is PERFECT for that room! I love the touches of red and black that tie everything together. And that framed wrapping paper is great for a library!

Linda said...

The rug is wonderful. Love the blending of color. Wish I'd found it first.