September 25, 2014

One more tub

Hello, all,

Can you believe how quickly we are racing towards October? Me, either. 

Despite having been in this house for three months now you have seen only carefully edited sections of the living room so far. This because we are still on the lookout for more furniture and rugs for several areas, and also because there are still things unpacked or in piles. Last night upon walking in there my eye was caught by an empty birdcage near a big tub of red tins and other items. Before we moved they were on a long, narrow shelf over a door in the kitchen. Thus far at the new address Mr. B has resisted putting the shelf back up, and all the contents have languished in a large plastic bin. It seemed long overdue to get this eyesore dealt with; here are the results of my Wednesday efforts.
A bunch are now on top of the fridge.
A fair amount fit inside the birdcage and there are half a dozen thermos bottles alongside.
The red and white tin holding old utensils was too tall to fit there, so is on the small, rolling shelf under the window, along with another one that was a gift last Christmas.
I have three old flour sifters, plus the one on the right that is tiny, probably meant for a child.
Here is a closeup of the things inside the cage.
Here are the other sifters on top.

There are a couple of large biscotti tins that are on top of the kitchen cabinets now, but everything else from the narrow shelf is together, with the exception of the utensils. It's not a huge change, but it is a huge relief to me to get that bin out of the living room floor. Perhaps other folks are more efficient and speedy when they move, but not us. It is a slow and painful process. Stay tuned to see one  chair for the library bought today, which is still lacking a second chair and rug. I'm hoping to find those soon, especially the rug, since 100% tile floors are cold! 

Have a good one. Remember, it's Friday Eve!


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Tricia said...

Great idea to use the birdcage to stash some of the decorative items! I have a sifter I still use that looks like one of yours, thus confirming yet again that I am now "vintage."