September 12, 2014

Kitchen Bits

Hello, all,

How are you this fine Friday? We got rain so we're all happy here.

I thought I'd show you some of my collections in the kitchen. On top of the (ugly, warped, melamine covered fiberboard) cabinets there are a few displays:
A selection of mostly old Mary Engelbreit tins on one side.
To the left are cake stands, a Depression-glass cookie jar and a Laurel Burch bowl.
There are a couple of additions to the shaker shelf, an apple on the top level and a wacky cockatoo type bird on the middle. They all make me smile every time I see them. The tins looked better at the other house, over the window by the sink, but since that's not an option here, this will have to do till inspiration strikes. Don't get impatient, that could take quite a while!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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