September 9, 2014

Late, but not forgotten

Hello, all,

I hope your Tuesday is terrific so far and stays that way. Mine has been moderately productive, at least for me. 

One of the things left undone since we moved here is the Fairy Garden. When I found it unceremoniously dumped in the yard next to Mr. B's barbecue pit it was in a sad state. The house didn't survive the move, alas, and the rest of it was a mess. Not to worry, there was a spare house in my stash, and with a little effort it could be classified as respectable again, if not fancy. 
The house is modest, but surely adequate for one small fairy. She may have to use hammocks if company arrives. It still has its loyal little pup sleeping by the front door a table, birdbath and firepit for when the nights cool off.
She's got a rockery near the back of the property and her path is newly defined.
She seems pretty happy perching on the roof. One tiny succulent survived the move; I'll look for some more miniature specimens to add soon. Her little mushroom is still in place, so all in all, she isn't doing badly in the grand scheme of things. We'll have her curb appeal upgraded in no time. 

How's your garden doing as summer starts to wind down? Our pots have enjoyed the recent rain and are mostly doing very well*. 

Have a good one!

* except for you, Gerbera daisy, darn it!

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Tricia said...

Adorable, Michele! I'm sure the fairy is happy to get settled after the big move, too!