October 14, 2013

A New Week--Eek!

Hello, Peeps,

How can it be Monday again? It was Friday, looking ahead to the weekend and what? Did a blink make me miss 48 hours? I hope yours was pleasant. We had some lovely rain and Mr. B got his car back, better than ever after a fender bender the week before. That constitutes lots of excitement here in Geezerville.

Last week I picked up some cheerful, folk-art look plates at Family Thrift. They are not in perfect condition, and there is no maker name on the back, but the pattern is nice and the price great, $1.91 for four. 
The colorful bird in the center is sure to be a hit with Mr. B, the birder. The table has a plain white runner instead of a cloth this time. 
Here is a view  from one end. With it are yellow napkins with silver rings, blue goblets and the silver plate from Mr. B's parents.
There are sterling salt and pepper shakers from a yard sale, glass candlesticks and the Mercury glass bowl found recently at a thrift shop.
From the other end.
In the middle.
Here is a close up of the design on the plates, pretty charming, don't you think? Rest assured, I'm aware that this is a puny effort compared to the Gold Standard of table settings, like the ones my friend Tricia at The Dull and the Dutiful http://thtolbert.blogspot.com/dazzles the blogosphere with, but this is the baby step of a beginner, remember. One who hopes someday to have sufficient room to add to  her stash of dishes and move on to more impressive offerings.

Till next time,


Tricia said...

This is gorgeous, Michele! I love those plates, and you set such a lovely, elegant table around them! Mr. B may think he's stumbled into the wrong dining room! (And thanks for the mention!)

Dewena said...

I had just visited Tricia and admired her table setting but yours is lovely too. The bird plates are so pretty and remind me of a very expensive Lenox pattern.

I too am trying to learn from the tablescape blog experts and believe me, I've found that it's much harder than it looks. My hat is off to them.