October 31, 2013

Found Objects

Happy Halloween, all! May your celebrations be fun and candy filled. We've not had much traffic at this house in previous years, but I bought a  bag of candy just in case there is a knock on the door tonight.

This is more or less a mini post. As you may have gathered from reading this blog, a lot of my time is spent reading, either books from the library or ones bought used. Here are  some of the things found in books to mark the place of previous readers:

There are postcards, old, new and foreign; a photograph, a holy card, a child's drawing, a child's homework that was mailed to  General Delivery, a boarding pass and a tiny paper bag. No currency to date, alas, so far. Over the years there have been a lot of pictures, the man with the fish is just the most recent, as well as multiple boarding passes, when they used to be large and cardboard, before people began to print them out at home. Clearly, what you learn from a book doesn't always come from the author. A librarian once said a book was returned with a slice of cooked bacon in it; so far I've not encountered anything edible, thank goodness. Do you find this kind of ephemera curiously intriguing, or is it just so much trash? 

Have a good one,


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