October 1, 2013

Where I live

Hello, all, and how is your Tuesday so far? Not as hot and miserable as it is here, I hope. Today while running errands I took a few pictures in my neighborhood to give you an idea of what it's like around here.
This exuberant statue of a woman dancing and holding a tray is on the side of a corner lot a couple of blocks from us. Sometimes the contents of the tray are changed to reflect the season or holiday.
This house sports a giant shark over their driveway that is strung with lights in December. Their house has a very small front yard which has been densely planted with flowers and vegetables and has a bottle tree.
This place fascinates me. Now used as a private residence, it started off as a Mormon church. I like the way they left the message board in front.
Here is a colorful mural on the side of a building that was a movie theater when my mother was growing up in the neighborhood.
Here is the art car owned by Susan Venus of Venus Hair parked in front of the salon. It's called the CATillac. You can read more about them on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/shopheights19th/venus-hair-houston/
This Victorian home is on a side street I use to  get to the library. They have an iron double bed in the front yard that always has some kind of flowers in it, changed by  the season. Last December it contained masses of poinsettia. The little lamb has a friend on the opposite side of the porch.

I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse of places I see on my daily rounds 

Take it easy,

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Tricia said...

Thanks for the tour! You definitely have a quirky and interesting neighborhood! I hadn't heard you mention Susan's Catillac -- it's really something!