October 16, 2013

How cute is this?

Hi, everyone,

As you may know, I sell books on Amazon and ebay. It's time to think about the holidays, so I dug out a darling Advent  calendar picked up at Sand Dollar ages ago.
Although it has a cover like a regular book, it actually unfolds to present the story and offer the windows to open each day:
This woodland bestiary by Marie Angel is a delight of rich colors and engaging scenes.
The pictures behind each door are adorable, too.
The animals find this perfect tree, which sparks their idea to take it into the village.
This is a charming way to count down the days till December 25th. A small child would find endless fascinating details of the animals, birds and their adventure of festive fun. 

Do you have someone who would enjoy this richly detailed but simple account of the animals' celebration? 

Take it easy,

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