October 17, 2013

Always useful

Hi, friends,

How are you this lovely October afternoon? Doing well, I hope. 

This is a quick and dirty post, to experiment with trying something out. Before we got the cabinet and hutch, all our plates were on the counter. Since they're stashed in it now, there was a plate holder without a purpose. I shifted things around on top of the chest where the wine glasses are and came up with this:
 It offers a place to put the new bird set, plus get a stack of salad/dessert size out of an upper cupboard where they're hard for me to reach. It takes up some of Mr. B's wine bottle real estate, but there's still plenty of room for the glasses, corkscrew and stoppers. It's always useful when you can reorganize and make better use of very limited space, so this may be worth a few days trial, at least.

Do you shift things around endlessly, looking for the perfect solution? More importantly, have you figured it out? If so, we need to talk!

Till next time,

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Dewena said...

Oh, yes, constantly shifting around!