October 8, 2013

Partial to red? Who said?

Hi, all,

Today I was contemplating color. Red is my favorite, although surely no one who came to our house would ever guess that--would they?
Just because there's a clock in the kitchen
and a dish drainer too
a kettle
a stove and a tray
coats, scarves and hats all out on display;
a sturdy floor lamp
and a big glass vase
a home for a saint
a can for laundry with bright red paint;
a handmade rose as a teapot top
and vintage pyrex that makes a pop. 

Problem? There isn't a problem. I can quit. Why, any day now there may be something in that color in a thrift shop that I walk right past. Addiction is such an ugly word! Do you have a shade you can't resist?

Till next time,

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