October 2, 2013

Big Change/Small $$

Hello, friends,

You're hearing from a happier blogger today, after the weatherman finally got it right and we've had rain, whoo hoo!

This morning I went out briefly to a neighborhood thrift, Sand Dollar, where the thrift gods brought me something long looked for. In our bedroom, we have had this:
I put on the winter quilt last week. It's in shades of ocher, rust, sage--fall colors. Already on the bed was the white pique bed skirt which coordinated not at all. Today, for the can't be beat price of $2.90, we are now able to do a lot better, with this:
How cool is it to  find a bed skirt the right size in the exact colors to go with the coverlet? Pretty amazing, imo. Let us draw a veil over how I managed to wrestle the thing in place without being able to separate the mattress and box spring. There was considerable cursing and sweat involved along with numerous fascinated cats sure they could really help if Mama would just let them. It was horrible, but it's done. It may be better than waiting till Saturday and getting Mr. B to help--my griping is nothing compared to his when it comes to tasks of this nature, believe me.
And there's the whole thing. The throw pillows are the same as last year, I haven't seen any I like better so far. 

That's my switch from something that was bothering me a lot to something that works just right, a real thrift jackpot with a great price. Have you gotten lucky finding things on your current needs list lately?

Have a good one,


Tricia said...

Wow, Michele, you are clearly living Right, to find exactly the right match AND in the right size! I am impressed that you wrestled it onto the bed singlehandedly. That's definitely a two-person job! It looks great!

Dewena said...

I don't think men understand the concept of dust ruffles. I dread the times I absolutely must wash mine and have to have help getting it off and putting it back on.

Your new striped one looks great with the floral spread!