October 24, 2013

Deals and Steals

Hello, folks,

A friend of mine used to call this day "Friday Eve", so may it be a good one for all those still working and straining towards the weekend.

Here are a few recent purchases:
A vintage tin box and one like a bus, two striped mats for the pair of us, a Boston mug and a Christmas tray, some glittery greens for a holiday spray. A magnifying glass and a floaty red shirt that will go with a skirt, already owned-wait, who is that checking stuff out? Freddie the cat!
Oops, I knew something didn't get in that picture. This cute pail was impossible to resist for .99 cents, ditto the new, unopened roll of cork for $1.99. 

Last, this isn't a new purchase, but I figured out how to display these plates:

They won't fit in the little wooden cupboard with the others, but can sit in a black holder with a curly design and fleu de lis right next to it.

That's my story for the past few days; what's yours? 


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Love the new display of your dishes with the writing on them! Very appealing! I also noted your poetic descriptions of your new loot!