October 7, 2013

A new week

How is it possible that this is the second week in October? Time really does fly when you get older, I'm sad to report. It's not just something grandmas and grandpas say to be annoying.

Anyway, there hasn't been much bought lately, but I thought I'd show you the spoils, such as they are. Friday and Saturday were two library sales, so books are most of the purchases. 
While still setting things out, Trixie showed up to stake out a place on some sturdy dish towels. 
The dishtowels and hanging bark curtain panel and oval frame came from a church rummage sale on the weekend. They were $2.00. The most interesting book from the Friday sale is the one in front, all about the state of Georgia for children, published in 1953. There is an oval, new Marjolein Bastin box, a cheery notebook for grocery lists and such things, an oval doll soup tureen, two bars of fancy soap, a model of the Statue of Liberty, a Restoration Hardware candle holder like holly leaves and berries and a new box of cards with the original price of $23.99 still on the box. 
Flossie had to check things out too. . . 
as did brother Freddie. Apparently they all think the dish towels look like a promising spot to nap. 

How's your luck been lately? Now  is certainly a good time to pick up Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor since some people change their homes often and get rid of last year's to make room for different colors and a new look. So keep your eyes peeled, there may be bargains on your horizon!


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