October 3, 2013

Just a tiny bit more . . .

Fall, that is. Sorry. This day has been busy and exhausting. There's not a lot of brain left to blog with, but I noticed I'd not taken a picture of a couple of items set out. 
I got the wooden dish once when at Savers in Austin, while visiting offspring. It seems as if it might have at some point been separated from a pedestal base. I love the colors and nature them. Next to it is a tiny oak leaf and acorn candle holder picked up at some odd time of the year and saved till now; hey, for .30 cents, why pass it up, even if it is closer to Valentine's day than autumn? 
I just thought it was sweet to set off a small space or vignette. 

That's it for today. I'm still tired from the great bed skirt switch ordeal of Wednesday.

Take it easy!


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