October 9, 2013

One of a kind

Hi, folks, how's it going halfway through this week so far? 

One of a kind certainly describes this item, bought at the local Sand Dollar. 
It is a handmade coat in a toddler size, made out of a vintage quilt. Here is a picture of the hood:
It was half off the marked price  of $2.92. That's what people who never go to thrift shops or yard sales don't understand, that it's the thrill of finding things that are utterly unique. A friend of mine who only shops retail once argued that if I won the lottery, then I'd never have to darken the doors of Value Village or the Salvation Army again. She didn't get the thrill of the hunt aspect of thrifting, that the surprise of what might be out there is what makes it fun. No trip to the mall can compare to stumbling upon an item like this little coat. Of course, all the people who turn up their noses at such behavior leave more goodies for the rest of us to find; there is  that to gloat over. 

I hope your excursions have found you lots of wonderful treasures.

Till next time,

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